A portfolio of universal products, powered by plants, to promote peace and performance.

Beauty & Skincare

Elevate Your Beauty & Lift Your Mood with Mia Rose

Our hemp-derived CBD skin care helps balance oil production, nourishes skin, hydrates and moisturizes, promotes regeneration, enhances skin health and helps improve skin tone.

Health & Fitness

In sports and in everyday life, recovery is critical. Get back in your game with CBD Method

In sport and in everyday life, recovery is critical. Specifically engineered with the right balance, CBD Method delivers active recovery to get you back to your active with known active ingredients plus a boost of CBD that will push your recovery into high gear.


Improve your pet’s quality of life and comfort with all natural products they will love.

Ozzie & Bo’s has been designed with the proper dosing instructions to reduce nervous energy in small dogs and joint pain relief in larger dogs.

Our Favorites


Ensure you can capture the energy you need and maintain your cool.

Packed with natural vitamins and minerals like B12 and ginseng, Get Good provides you with the energy to perform at your best, without the jitters, shakes, or that “wired” feeling.